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Silvestri at Photokina 2008!


Please come and see us at

Hall 2.1, Stand D 041

Cologne , Germany - September 23-28, 2008




This extreme wide angle lens with a large image circle: 60mm and a wide angle of field: 101° at f.11 is the the shortest lens available for the digital backs. This makes it especially suitable for the extreme situations indoor and outdoor, in architecture and landscape photography etc.

From a mechanical point of view its use is very demanding since it requests a precise positioning and allignment to the focal plane.




Our proposal with the lens mounted in focusing mount on Bicam board, allows a simple and effective use of this extraordinary lens, assuring the perfect parallelism between lens and sensor.

The newly designed focusing mount for the 24XL lens is provided with a reference scale showing the focus range according to the shutter aperture.

By adding the cable release holder and a live video adapter for digital backs, Bicam II is extremely trustable, compact and handy to carry and use.

Slide Adapter 5x7 with Drop-in Plate

Completely re-designed with a new system of drop-in adapter plates and with further improved characteristics of the sliding movement and overall precision.
The new drop-in system, allows the quick substitution of adapter plates; adapter plates are available for Hasselblad V, H, AFI, Contax and Mamiya 4,5x6 attachments.

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Actuator for Hasselblad V lenses

The Silvestri Actuator adapts Hasselblad lenses from the V series with Silvestri cameras for digital use. It performs the cocking and triggering functions normally executed inside the Hasselblad body.

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Intermediate Adapter Backs to trasform the attachment of the Mamiya RZ camera into Hasselblad V interface allowing the use of digital backs: Hasselblad, Leaf, Phase One, Eyelike etc.


- The Flexicam's sliding adapters with their new extra-slim design.

- Redesigned magnifying glass in bellow for 5x7 sliding adapters and 6x9 backs.

- Extension bayonet rings for Flexicam and Flexi Bellow Maxi.



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