Sony Alpha 7 Adapter for Silvestri Flexicam

SILVESTRI presents new solutions that integrates and extend the possibilities of the new Mirrorless camera bodies like the Sony Alpha 7 but also Canon Eos APS, Fuji, Samsung etc.  

Quality photography needs tools helping the photographer's creativity, the view camera has always been the source of all solutions. The great innovation that took place with the turning to the digital system has not substantially changed this characteristic.
A demanding photographer who wants to be creative and protagonist, must have flexible tools which are not completely conditioned by the automatisms.

The FLEXICAM system introduces a bayonet adapter for Sony Alpha 7 which interfaces the camera body and with a remarkable range of high quality lenses, the professional Schneider and Rodenstock lenses specifically designed for digital photography with focal lengths between 23 and over 100mm.

ND 10S

The Sony Alpha 7 Adapter for Flexicam allows to transform your mirrorless Sony camera into a compact view camera.

The Sony Alpha 7 camera body acts like a digital back while the Flexicam body offers all the correction movements, vertical and horizontal shift, tilt and swing, in a light and compact solution easy to carry and to assemble.

  • A wide range of lenses with large coverage.
  • Adapters for other mirrorless cameras will be available soon.
  • Correction movements for selective focusing
  • The adapter can be used in portrait or landscape position.
  • Ideal for outdoor shooting, small and lightweight: 18,8 x 18 x 16,2 cm. - Kg. 1,1
  • Micrometric auto-locking focusing.
  • Vertical shift: 23 + 23**mm
  • Horizontal shift: 15 + 15**mm

(** Depending on the lens coverage ** Depending on the mechanical limits)


Sony Alpha 7 Adapter for Flexicam code F134

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