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Ariogon 8/165mm in Classic mount with aperture blades

Code L010

350,00 Euro


Lens with three optical elements in two groups, multicoated.

- The two optical-mechanical groups can be mounted in Copal 0 shutter.

- Mounting without shutter; Classical with blades for the following apertures: f11, f16, f22, f32 and f45.

- Image circle at f. 22: 165mm.

- Image circle with diaphragms beyond the 4x5" format.

- Suggested formats: 6x9cm, 6x12cm, 9x12cm with shift movements, 4x5" .

- Height: 43mm

- Width: 50mm

- Flange for fixing the lens to n.0 lens boards

- Weight: 114 grammes in Classic mount