T2 attachment for Canon

Code F132
for Silvestri Flexicam camera only

299,00 Euro


Flexicam can be accessoried specific adapters for the mounting of Canon EOS and Nikon cameras.

Flexicam transforms the camera in a small view camera that can perform perspective corrections and focus extension, essential movements in the work of still life, jewels, watches, industrial photography.

Compatible lenses, mounted in Silvestri bayonet:

Schneider Digitar 2,8/28mm in Iris mount only, Digitar 4,5/90mm e 5,6/100mm.

Rodenstock Digital 5,6/90mm, 4/100mm HR e 5,6/105mm.

Both APS and �full frame� 24x36 cameras can be used. The image circle is very large and it ensures the possibility of wide correction movements.