Tilting Lupe 6X

Code 5050
6x power with optional tilt for brighter viewing of screen corners. Can be removed from tilt base and used as a straight loupe.

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A long-standing problem with large format cameras is that of focusing in the corners of the ground glass, especially when using short focal lenses. With normal lupes on the market the corners tend to come out very darkly. This inconvenience increases with super wide angle lenses over 90� and becomes dramatic with extreme shifting. In fact with normal lupes, in the perpendicular view at ground glass level, the image disappears altogether in the corners. Thus it is impossible to make corrections.

The Silvestri Tilting Lupe 6x introduces an innovative way to view the entire image on the ground glass. The Lupe uses a tilting mechanism which allows it to incline up to 45�. The system is simple and functional; the lupe is placed on the same plane as the light beam, thereby increasing brightness dramatically and allowing easy focus control. The Lupe comes complete with a fixed ring which allows it to be used in the normal perpendicular position.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 35x50x55 mm
Magnification: 6x
Lenses: 3 in two groups, coated
Accessories: Ring for perpendicular use, Removeable cord (included)
Weight: 80 grammes