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S4 Camera Body

Code 1100
S4 Camera Body with 4x5' back

2.031,00 Euro


Robust and precise construction, quick and easy to use. The possibility of using the Super Angulon 47XL for the entire 4x5", frame certainty of plane parallelism, focus speed and compactness make the S4 an irreplaceable camera for the large format external photography.

40 mm shift, a Silvestri bayonet mount for standard lenses, large dimension plate for the use of large diameter lenses. A focusing system with flexibellow, an accessory that also allows lens balancing on-two right-angle axes.

Reducer backs; 6x7-9 for Mamiya, Horsemann, Graflex, Wista etc. film holders. 6x12 back for Silvestri/Horsemann code. 6070 film holders.