Silvestri cameras and accessories - second hand
code 3000 Bicam III Euro 1838,00
3565B Extension Ring N.1 shiftable 15+15mm Euro 325,00
Digital lenses (second hand)
  Schneider Apo Digitar 5,6/24XL in Prontor magnetic & focusing mount Euro 1700,00
  Schneider Digitar 5,6/72mm in helical mount and bayonet in Copal 0 Euro 1967,00
  Schneider center filter for the 24XL lens (only if purchased with the lens) Euro 150,00
  Rodenstock Apo Sironar Digital 4,5/55 in Prontor magnetic & bayonet Euro 1300,00
  Schneider Apo Digitar 2,8/28 Copal 0 in focusing mount Euro 1.900,00
  Schneider Apo Digitar 4/80 Copal 0 in Bayonet Euro 1.400,00
  Silvestri Remote control unit for electronic shutters 7053K Euro 600,00

Analogue lenses
  Rodenstock Grandagon 6,8/75 in Prontor magnetic & bayonet (second hand) Euro 900,00
Phase One AFD III camera and accessories (second hand)
  Phase One P65+ digital back Euro 12.000,00
  Phase One lens 80mm Euro 800,00
  Phase One lens 120mm Macro Euro 1900,00
  Electronic cable release Euro 60,00
  Phase One P40+ digital back Euro 7.500,00
*prices are Vat excluded
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