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'Creating Making'

Giovanni Bortolani


© Bortolani© Bortolani© Bortolani© Bortolani


The passion for photography has kept him busy since he was a child. Since ever he is cultivating a personal research.

Coming from an artistic training, he grew professionally among various disciplines, from illustration to graphic arts, from photography to video.  From the hand made things to those made in the "washing machine" (the computer). Attracted by what's new, he keeps on experimenting but without giving up the darkroom.

After ten years of experience as art director in the best publishing agencies, he is now a full time photographer.

'CreandoFacendo', CreatingMaking, is his motto.

Giovanni Bortolani



Bortolani works with 4X5" films with the Silvestri S4, a SuperAngulon 47XL and a 90XL Schneider.

In digital he works with the Silvestri S5 + P45 back+ the 55, 90, 135 ApoDigital Rodenstock lenses and the 35XL Digitar Schneider.


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